Term 2 April - July

In our Rhythm course, you’ll embody rhythms from all the dance styles we love and hear how traditional West African rhythms and dance moves have shaped and still directly influence hip hop music today. 


In this course you will:

  • Learn a fun routine

  • Laugh lots with a rad bunch of women in a down to earth space

  • Learn sweet moves such as footwork and torso pulsing – Krump baby!

  • Learn about the African 'bell', offbeats and how to count in dance

  • Learn about the connection between African polyrhythms and funk, soul and hip hop music.

  • Get a great cardio workout 

  • Warm-up thoroughly and activate key muscle groups to help you dance safely

  • Get core conditioning and strength

  • Get weekly practice videos

  • Get the carefully curated Dee Street Rhythm playlist, which celebrates female and queer artists


Everything feels good when you're in time! Rhythm is designed to put rhythm in your feet, your hips, your head and your heart.

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Melbourne, Australia.

Email: sarah@deestreet.com.au