Term 3 July - Sept

In Sweat you are encouraged you to take up space and get fierce as you embody the power moves from Afro, hip hop, dancehall and booty dance styles.

In this course you will:


  • Learn a routine gradually over 10 weeks

  • Drill various moves such as twerking, krumping top rock and uprock 

  • Get grounded in the dance and - increase your stamina

  • Get an amazing cardio workout

  • Warm up safely and learn how to activate particular muscle groups to help you dance 

  • Get core conditioning to strengthen and protect your joints

  • Warm down and stretch safely and thoroughly

  • Gain confidence, fitness and swag

  • Get warm from the inside out over winter

  • Have fun with a rad group of women

  • Get weekly practice videos

  • Get the Dee Street Sweat playlist


Sweat is strong. Sweat is sassy. 

Let our sisterhood support you to do you. 

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Melbourne, Australia.

Email: sarah@deestreet.com.au