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what we do

We run super fun, down to earth dance classes for women that blend Afro, Dancehall, Booty and Hip-Hop dance styles into easy to follow original dance routines.

We offer courses, casual classes, workshops, a conversation series, a Summer School, tailor-made classes for private groups, 1:1 dance coaching, dance party nights, performances for events and a lush dance & yoga retreat. Yeah!

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how we do it

Our original choreography teaches rad moves and attitudes.

You'll find rhythm, flow, power and freedom in your body, mind and soul.

Every class is designed to bring out your best. 

We teach with energy, humour and generosity.

We love that everybody moves differently. We play awesome tunes that honour and celebrate women. We pay respect to the music and movements’ cultural history.

We are a supportive community in action. We lift each other up.

what we believe

We reckon that everyone can learn rhythm and that everyone can dance. Honestly, everyone. Yep, even you. 

We believe that every woman has a unique, sexy, sassy side that when accessed in the right space free from judgement and unrealistic standards can be transformative. 

We also believe that as women learn how to take up physical space and become more comfortable in our own skin, the world will change for the better. 

At Dee Street we believe women thrive in groups.

why we do it

Because dancing in a group improves people’s mental health, creativity, confidence and sense of well-being in the world. 

We believe that when women connect, anything and everything is possible. 

Your sisterhood is waiting.