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At Dee Street we consider ourselves experts at teaching absolute beginners to dance. We know from experience how it feels to attend a 'beginner' level class and still not feel like you can keep up or have the time and space to be encouraged, have questions answered and repeat moves so they stick.

We are patient and supportive. We move at a pace that gives you the time to really let the moves sink in. We use functional movements, warm up and down thoroughly and always dance safely.

Weekly classes build a consistent movement habit that’s fun and give you a regular dose of joy that will positively impact your mental state.

Our process supports you to let go of competition, expectations, old ideas and just allow yourself to relax and have fun moving.

We support you to embrace a mindset of presence and feeling the moves rather than performing them. This approach maximises fun, confidence & the joy of moving in a group.

We run courses, workshops, parties, workplace wellbeing sessions, mums & bubs classes, made to order dance routines and a basic movement course that isn’t even considered dance.


We love what we do and we can’t wait to share the gifts of movement with you!

Meet the team

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