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Tuesdays & Thursdays over 3 weeks

January 11th - 28th  

7 - 8.30pm at Dee Street HQ in Fitzroy

with the whole Dee Street team!


We’re starting 2021 off with a series of specialised workshops designed to give you a toolbox of dance hacks that will get you glowing, owning any dance floor and learning a kickass routine to Megan Thee Stallion’s rad anthem: BODY. If you want to start 2021 shining strong inside and out we suggest you join us and book your booty in asap! 


Tuesdays will be 3 specialised workshops. They are: 


Beats baby: Here we’ll work on catching the beat, using every part of the music for movement and expression, understanding the beats in music (kick and snare drums, the 2 & the 4 etc.) which gets us way more confident to dance in class and in social situations. This is how we get true swag dripping out of our pores.


Finding your Strength: We’ll give you specific strength training exercises that help save energy and help you bust Dee Street moves the right way. We’ll practice applying muscle activation techniques to specific Dee Street moves and sections of our Summer routine.

You’ll get a whole new lease on foundational moves, muscle engagement and saving energy. 

Your dancing body and your pelvic floor awareness will be lifted to new heights!


Summer Swag: In this sesh we get serious about bringing it. Showing you ways to dance with your whole body, freedom of expression with your whole self, how to make choreography flow, freestyling, feeling yourself and getting so much more out your dancing and the way you carry yourself through life.


Thursdays will work on building a routine to Megan Thee Stallion's song ‘Body’.

We have chosen to work with this song as it has an amazing beat and we love that it was written after Stallions experience of gaining weight in lockdown and her relationship with her body. The routine will combine rad moves, fantastic flavours and a chance to practice and apply all the skills you gain on Tuesdays. There will be an opportunity to perform the routine at our start of year party in February.


Classes are aimed at all levels and designed towards each student working to their level of experience. 


There will be a strict cap on numbers as our class capacity is now ¾ of our usual class sizes. 

There will be at least 2 teachers present and working with you in each session.


You will receive class playlists, practice videos, links to further resources and lots of take home gems for your own practice and swag building toolbox. 

We can't wait to share this with you!