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New courses are now open to book

We are now running Step In and Step Up courses in 9 week blocks.
These will always run within school terms.
In week 9 enrolled students can invite friends to a party style class celebration and taster at no extra cost. Places are limited. Payment plans and discounted rates are available.

Please reach out if you have any questions that aren't covered in our FAQ's.

Step In
(absolute beginners)
9 week course

Step In gives you foundations in the fun dance styles we are inspired by like west African, Dancehall & hip hop. You’ll learn functional warm ups, how to isolate the hips and chest, circle your waist, find rhythm in your steps and flexibility in your spine.

Over 9 weeks you’ll be supported to learn a simple routine and begin to let go into the joy of dance. We warm up with functional mobility movements, and easy muscle activation to make sure we are always dancing safely. Then we learn fun moves and put them together in a simple and easy to follow routine followed by nourishing stretches and a full relaxation at the end of each class.

We give you options to rest and modify as needed and are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

When you enroll in this course you'll also receive the course playlist, make up classes, weekly practice videos, additional resources and consistent love and cheer-leading for your 2 months with us.

Classes are 1.5 hours weekly.


STARTS JULY 16th & 17th - schedule below

Moving Mamas
(Bring Your Baby)
4 week course


This is a dance class for women who have babies from 3 – 18 months old. If you want to dance but don’t want to put your baby in childcare while you do it, you can bring them to this class and get some much-needed movement & headspace.

The focus is on you. There will be plenty of options to hold your baby or let them play and wriggle around on the floor while you dance, move, stretch and have fun with other mums.

We will spend time focusing on pelvic floor exercises and muscle activation to increase overall movement functionality, nourishing and easy to follow dance moves that will help you to feel grounded, energised and get back in your body and targeted stretching that will relax and ground you.

These classes are led by our team members who are mums so they know exactly what it’s like to have babies and everything that goes with this time of adapting to your relationship to your baby, your body and your sense of self.

Classes are 1 hour weekly.


STARTS JULY 22nd - schedule below

Step Up
9 week course


In Step Up we build on our foundations and move at a faster pace than Step In. You’ll learn more complex moves, put them into a routine and be supported to discover how moves fit to your body, explore self expression and let yourself shine.

You’ll get a lot out of the class if you already know the foundations we teach in Step In like how to whine your waist and chest, do a 2 and 3 step and are interested in deepening into self expression. We expect that you're able to show up every week and practice outside of class times as needed.

Just like Step In, we warm up with functional mobility movements and muscle activation and finish with nourishing stretches and a full relaxation at the end of each class.

When you enrol in this course you'll also receive the course playlist, weekly practice videos, class videos, additional resources and consistent love and cheer-leading for your 2 months with us. Please note there is no make-up class option for this class.

Classes are 1.5 hours weekly.


STARTS JULY 18th - schedule below

Teachers words on dancing as a new mum...


I wish I had this class available to me as a new mum.

I was so fit in my pregnancy, I thought I'd just keep going to yoga and pilates when I had my baby. I imagined I'd be an active mum who could make it all work, I wouldn't let having a child restrict me.

The reality was completely different. Nights were hard, no sleep and breastfeeding made me very lethargic. In the morning I would plan to get to a yoga or pilates class at night but having a baby was my whole existence. By the time my partner came back from work, I couldn't get off the couch. I was very capable and confident before, but slowly it all became too hard.

When my kids were quite a bit older I started doing Dee Street classes. It was only then that I started to get some confidence back.

Since becoming a teacher at Dee Street it occurred to me that it would have been great if I had a class back then that wasn't limited by the fact that I had a baby in my care all the time. So we created Moving Mamas!

You will get to move your body in a really fun and supported way and if you need to hold your baby we absolutely encourage that. If your baby is napping then they can stay in their pram, and if bub is happy listening to some rad tunes and watching their mama move her body, this is perfect too.

Having a baby shouldn't mean you check out of who you are, Dee Street creates a space for you to keep moving, dancing & laughing with your new little person by your side.

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