New 10 week courses start October 5th

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All levels:  Mixer by Amber Mark 

Wednesdays 7.00 - 8.30 pm with Kate

 10 week course: $329

An upbeat routine blending rhythmic, sassy steps plus a few diva moments thrown in for good measure.


Get fit, strong and have fun.There will be options for more advanced details and many lyrical moments to really embody.


The choreography has something for all levels including some brand-new Latonya Style Stylish Moves learnt recently by the team.


This joy filled routine will keep your vibes high.




When you sign up for a course this term you will also get access to:

  • Bonus livestream Booty, Balance & Babes classes

  • Free entry into our Movie Club and Dance it Out Friday events

  • Our carefully curated class playlist

  • Weekly class practice videos

  • Our Dee Street Sisterhood Facebook group where you’ll find even more inspiration and connection to a community of like-minded women who also love to dance Dee Street style

  • Opportunity to perform at our laid back super fun end of year Glowcase 

  • Head start on bookings for all new classes, workshops and events.