In term 4 we’re offering Step In, 

Step Up and Level Up courses.

It all begins on October 5...

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LIVE ONLINE ZOOM CLASSES - 5 week course: $89


5.30 - 6.30 pm

with Sarah Dee

This class used to be called Beginners. It’s fun and energising and gives you a taste of the foundations of the styles we love and how to put moves together into a routine.


 You’ll learn how to isolate the hips and chest, whine (circle) your waist, pop and drop your booty, find rhythm in your steps and torso and begin to relax and let go into the joy of dance. After activating key muscles, we’ll warm down and stretch it all out. We always focus on dancing safely with options to rest and modify as needed.


Term 4 will still run as 10 weeks but in 2 x 5 week blocks. You can do one block, or both.

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LIVE ONLINE ZOOM CLASSES - 5 week course: $89


5.30 - 6.30 pm

with Sarah Dee

In this class (which used to be called intermediate), we build on our foundations and move at a faster pace with our routine. You’ll get a lot out of the class if you already know a range of moves like butterfly, basic top rock steps and torso pulses and you feel confident twerking, whining, shaking your booty and starting to put your own style into your dance.


If that doesn’t sound like you, jump into our Step In course first and we’ll see you here in a bit!


If you have experience in Hip Hop, African dance or Dancehall, you’ll probably be good to go. If you did ballet, jazz or tap as a kid and are good at picking up choreography, we still recommend you do the Step In course first to embody the specific shapes, qualities and release before jumping into Step Up.

Term 4 will still run as 10 weeks but in 2 x 5 week blocks. You can do one block, or both.

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LIVE ONLINE ZOOM CLASSES - 10 week course: $169


7.00 - 8.00 pm

with Sarah Dee

Ok, so you’ve been coming to class for a while and you wanna really shake it up! Let’s go, it’s time to Level UP!


This brand-new class where we learn and build a whole new routine and work towards freestyling with confidence, dancing with others in a troupe and honing in on what’s needed technically to be a great dancer.


We’ll use a more disciplined structure to get you really progressing in your dance and expect you to be committed to the weekly course classes as well as outside practice as needed.


With the opportunity for more one-on-one targeted feedback, you’ll be able to jump into performances if you want to.


We ask that you email us to express your interest in this class and answer a couple of questions so we can make sure it will be of the greatest benefit to you and your booty.

This term, we’ve renamed our courses and introduced a new one to help everyone choose the most beneficial and fun option for them.

We've also made them shorter and earlier so they're easier to do at home. 


As always, payment plans are an option and we are here to help out those experiencing financial hardship.

Please get in touch with any questions you have.

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Bonus stuff for our signed up sisters
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Please get in touch if you have any questions.

If you'd like to stay up to date on what's happening and receive dance inspo (don’t worry, our newsletter comes out fortnightly at most), use the contact form below to join our mailing list. 

We can't wait to dance with you.

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