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Team building and workplace well being through dance.
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Dee Street dance sessions are a great way to contribute to the overall cohesion and wellbeing of your team. We are passionate about helping those who work so hard to help others.


We are a group of women who, alongside teaching dance and movement modalities, also work in youth health, community development, domestic violence, aged care and palliative care settings. We use our dance practice to help keep our physical, mental, emotional and energetic selves healthy so that we can continue to have a positive impact through the work we do.


Ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours, our Dee Street dance sessions bring people in your organisation together to take time out from helping others, allowing them to reset and reconnect. The sessions are designed to replenish energy, reduce stress, activate the creative side of the brain and boost overall wellbeing.


We create a welcoming space that encourages laughter and teaches a set of fun movements that support each person’s level of ability. Through the joy of movement and dance, your team will be nourished and rejuvenated.


Teams that have taken part in Dee Street dance sessions generally see an improvement in problem solving abilities, work flow, team cohesion, communication, physical fitness and all-round resilience.


We look forward to working with you!