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Flow - Big ass party class!

It's time to celebrate the end of an awesome term of Flow. Beginners & Intermediate students, their mates and family and those curious about Dee Street will come together for 2 hours of endorphin inducing, booty shaking good times.

Here's what we're gonna do:

· A fun taster class for all levels where we’ll explore the essence of our 4 modules: Rhythm, Flow, Sweat and Freedom with sexy, fierce, fun moves delivered with humour and love.

· Beginner & intermediate students sharing their Flow routines with their adoring cheer squad that is the Dee Street sisterhood

· Booty Bomb Skwod (Dee Street performance troupe) showing you their rad routines

· 15 minutes of free dancing to a few of the banginest tracks we love

We create a space for women to support themselves and each other, no judgement or pressure – just fun, laughs and sisterhood.

Dress up, dress as you feel, dress to dance and let the endorphins flow!

Here's the link to book:


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